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The clutch line will exit the down tube somewhere around our mark on the left side of the neck and go into the left side of the handlebars, exiting the bars in the area of the clutch master cylinder.

That's another story, let's just get our line through the down tube now, ok?

Next we'll prepare the route for our headlamp wiring.

We want it to pass from the termination point behind the battery box through the seat post into the backbone and thru to the right side neck area, where it will exit by our hole and terminate to the headlamp.


Halfway down the backbone, right above the top motor mount, we'll need an exit hole for our coil wires and ignition switch and probably our light switch. All of which will be concealed behind a one piece top motor/coil cover/coil mount. We'll fabricate that piece from scratch when we're ready for it.

We're going to hide our rear brake line where it connects to the master cylinder at the right front forward control.

We'll run it through the entrance hole on the frame behind the right front forward controls all the way to the right rear of the bike.


The brake line will exit here on the lower inside of the frame by the axle.

Even though this bike is a right side drive the brake is also on the right side.

Next we'll be building this extended, winged oil tank that contours the frame, with side compartments that will hold our electricals.




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