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Platinum Television Group announces "The American Biker Series"
in conjuction with the American Motorcyclist Association

January 15, 2006 - Deerfield Beach, Fl - Platinum Television Group (PTG), a leading producer of educational programming, is proud to annouce a specil series focusing on the explosion in popularity of custom motorcycles.

The "American Biker Series" will observe how motorcycle-design experts build magnificent, one-of-a-kind choppers that integrate style, muscle, and even corporate logos and product brands. Also, taking a step beyond the appearance, the series will explain what goes into a quality "custom build".

The series will discuss the popularity of not only custom choppers, but also Harleys, street bikes, cruisers, trikes and mini bikes. It wil cover the new and exciting trends in design, products, safety equipment, accessories and custom building parts. All aspects of bike building will be dealt with, including bike kits, paint, frames, engines, wheels, fenders and gas tanks. Even biking apparel and books and DVDs about the subject are popular, and will be featured in the series.

PTG will produce the special five-part series on topics, trends, and issues dealing with the motorcycle industry while working with organizations, publications, and associations dedicated to building a better and safer future for all riders. Experts from the American Motorcyclist Association will be utilized to cover those issues affecting bikers. The AMA -- all about rights, riding, and racing -- is an nationwide organization with more than a quarter of a million members.

Founded in 1924, the AMA is the oldest and most respected motorcyclist organization, the premier defender of motorcyclists' rights in the United States. With offices in Washington D.C., Ohio and California,. the AMA Government Relations Department staff ferrets out bad laws and anti-motorcycling discrimination at the local, state, federal and corporate levels. The AMA is also the largest motorsports sanctioning body. Its AMA Pro Racing division oversees the top professional racing series in the United States, from the high banks of Daytona to the high jumps of Supercross. AMA Sports coordinates thousands of amateur races with dozens of competition classes for everyone from grade school kids to senior riders.

"The relevance of the series can not be overstated:, said Doug Scott, President and CEO of Platinum Television Group. "This topic is on the minds of our viewers. We are taking an additional step to educate our viewers, not just show them eye-catching motorcycles." The "American Biker Series" is a definite necessity for anyone with an interest in any aspect of biking--Don't miss it! Watch for future airing dates and stations.

Platinum Television Group produces and airs on National and Local cable channels such half-hour shows as Great Taste, New Home Journal, Competitive Edge, Today's Family, Senior Lifestyles, Eye on Technology, Business & Beyond, Health Forum and more. In addition to the broadcast exposure of networks airings on ESPN2, Fox Sports Net, CNBC US, and Europe and locally on G4/Tech TV, Platinum Television Group offers unique viewing options by making each series available as a set after all initial airings have been completed.