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"Competitive Edge" to feature StreetWalker Exhaust Systems
--Customizing The Motorcycle Of Your Dreams--

April 4th, 2006 - Deerfield Beach, Fl - Platinum Television Group (PTG), is pleased to announce the selection of StreetWalker Exhaust Systems, Envy Cycle Creations for its innovative, educational television series, Competive Edge. The company will be featured in a segment on "Customizing The Motorcycle Of Your Dreams" as part of the American Biker Series. The show will be aired nationally on Spike TV as well as on regional cable stations.

You've no doubt heard about the infamous American choppers being customized on TV. What you probably didn't know is that there is a company out there that can help you customize the bike of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Terry Lee, president and co-owner of Envy Cycle Creations, a custom motorcycle manufacturing business that produces and manufactures StreetWalker Exhaust Systems recently re-entered the custom motorcycle industry after a 30 year absence.

" I have people ask me why I want to return to a career that I walked away from almost 30 years ago" quips Lee, "truth is I've spent the last 30 years in the automotive industry doing many of the same things that I am doing now, its not like trying to teach an old dog new tricks." After building a few award winning custom bikes featured in magazines like StreetChopper Magazine, Terry and his wife, Dana, decided that maybe offering a few of the parts for sale that Terry had fabricated for his custom creations might be a sound business plan. Together they developed, produced and began marketing the first of their product offerings, StreetWalker Exhaust Systems. Since its debut, StreetWalker Exhaust Systems has developed seven unique and trendsetting exhaust systems for American V-Twin applications, available in both left-side and right-side drive bikes. Offering catchy names like Jane Does, Skinny Minny's, RPGeez and Drive-Byz, their exhaust systems feature aggressive, bold styling that radiates "in your face" attitude that fuels the custom motorcycle market. Founded in the belief that motorcycle enthusiasts that own, ride and build custom motorcycles are always searching for the unique look that sets their custom bike in a class by itself, Terry developed each exhaust model with a number of different radical and aggressive tips that give the same set of pipes a different look with each tip. Take all of those choices and multiply them by the different finishes offered in their exhaust pipes, like Show Chrome and Black Ceramic and more and leverage them with a wide variety of choices in cut and finish of heat shields available for many of the models and the ability to personalize, customize and develop a unique and true to the theme of a custom build are almost endless.

The way StreetWalker Exhausts offers their exhaust systems, with the endless number of choices available helps make customizing a motorcycle something that more owners can enjoy and participate in. It wasn't too long ago if you couldn't make it yourself or afford to have a customizer make it for you, the ability to have a "one-off" custom was a luxury available to only a privileged few. Because of the truly unique products offered by companies like StreetWalker Exhausts the ability to participate affordably in the custom motorcycle market building the bike of your dreams is now within the reaches of alot more enthusiasts.

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