Envy Cycle Creations Projects

Here are some of the past and current projects that I am working on. Right now I am working on a new bike for my wife, Dana. Click on the links below to watch the progress of each project. I will have new photos added as we move along on the builds.

Dana's Mono Shock Build

Update: 07/21/2004

I have pushed the build completion date up on Dana's bike so it can be shown at the Las Vegas Bikefest in September, the 16th thru the 19th, 2004. That gives me less than 80 days to complete this bike to get it ready to put on display in the Envy Cycle Creations/StreetWalker Exhaust booth at the Cashman Center Vendor Village.

We're happy to announce that Envy Cycle Creations/StreetWalker Exhaust is a sponsor of this years Las Vegas Bikefest, check out our display, see Dana's Bike, Xcess and the entire Streetwalker line of pipes. Our banners on the Main stage in the Cashman Center Vendor Village will direct you to our booth.

Rumble's Rigid - The Glove Has Been Tossed
Build It and Build It For Under $15,000.00

At Laughlin this year, some of us got into a discussion on the amount of money spent on building custom bikes and how the cost was usually out of the budget range of the average rider.

My friend, Gabe Larkins and I are going to try to prove these nay sayers wrong.

The Build a Bike Project - Rumble Magazine
After Edition 4 of the Build a Bike Project, I began tearing down Xcess and getting it prepped for paint.

Click Here for a few photos of the work that has been going on since the last article ran in Rumble Magazine.

Streetwalker RPG Exhaust System
I have begun building the Streetwalker Exhaust System Series. Here is one of the products in development.

A set of pipes which I dubbed RPG's. They are a 2 into 1 system ... 1 3/4" stepped to 2" and then into a 3 1/2" collector. Don't know if it will ever see a chrome shop or even a finished product.

I just had an idea that I was toying with. Bet they're loud ... whatdaya think? Looking for some nasty ass pipes that will make the ground rumble and let it be known that you are riding through...then check out the my new line of Streetwalker Exhaust.

Envy Wanker Wheel
I built myself an "English Wheel" so I could fabricate gas tanks from scratch. I like to do as much of the work on my creations as possible, including as much of the sheetmetal as possible.

I looked for months for a place to purchase one of the old machines, but when I found them, they were expensive and very large, heavy pieces of equipment.

So I decided to draw one up and put it together. Pretty cool piece of equipment!!

Tribal Air Cleaner Cover
I wanted the air cleaner on Xcess to match with the rest of the bike. This is the finished product.