Type: 2001 Pro Street Chopper
Frame: Rolling Thunder/Tlee 5" out 40 degree rake
Swingarm: Rolling Thunder/Tlee Integrated Brake/Running/Turn LED's
Engine: Modified 107" TP Show Polished
Carbs: Dual Patrick Racing Mikuni's
Trans: Baker 6 speed
Suspension: Front Perrowitz 6" over with Race Tech Gold Valves Rear Legend Air Suspension
Trees: RC Components: 5 degree rake
Hand Controls: Performance Machine Contour
Forward Controls: Performance Machine
Wheels: Performance Machine
Tires: Front Avon 80/90 x 21
Rear Avon 230 x 15
Brakes: Front Performance Machine Rotors and Calipers
Rear GMA/Tlee Left side drive Pulley w/Internal GMA Rotor Caliper modified For 15" wheel
Fenders: Front Jesse James/Tlee Cut all to Hell Rear Tlee/ Scallop Cut mounted rigid to Swingarm
Tank: Independent/Tlee 5 "extension
Oil Tank: Rolling Thunder/Tlee Winged
Bars: Ness
Headlight: Headwinds
Taillight: Yaffe/Tlee Radiused Upside Downster
Seat: High End/Tlee
Fabrication: Tlee
Assembly: Tlee
Moulding: Tlee
Paint: Tlee Candy Pagan Gold
Graphics: Tlee
Stripes: "Pinstripping by Tony"
Plating: Concourse
Polishing: Concourse

Special Thanks to
Susan & Angela Wilson at USA Cycles & "AJ"